Friday, February 29, 2008

Technics SL1200 mkII - white with blue LEDs

You actually might have seen one like this before, and I really liked the idea behind it.
When I lived in Vancouver BC I used to service Technics turntables. Eventually my friend Paul "Swytch" of Trillbass fame (back then he lived in Vancouver too) sold me a beat-up Tech12 for cheap. I painted it white, gave it a new tonearm and pitchfader, recalibrated it and put new RCA cables in. I changed all the LEDs to blue ones. The special gimmick are 32 blue LEDs that illuminate the platter from underneath. The lights come on when you activate the popup-light. The effect is subtle in daylight but looks stunning in the dark. It was sold to someone somewhere in the US-
I really couldn't take those extra 12kgs on the flight home

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