Friday, February 29, 2008

Cruiser Bike 1

My first cruiser bike. I bought it in 1997 (with the first money our government paid me for doing civil service) and a year later I started working on the frame. There is a modelled "tank" on the front end of the bike and some more modifications near the rear axle. They were made out of a Styrodur core and glassfiber + epoxy resin.
I added some parts (twin headlight, 3-speed Sturmey& Archer gearbox, leather saddle, mirror and speedometer) and gave it a two-color paintjob.
I have to admit that I underestimated the work and especially the required sanding involved in the frame modifications, so I got bored and put it aside, working on it for maybe 1 hour every 4 months. At one point the project had to rest for 3 years- when I got back to it the whole frame was rusted and had to be sanded again; God knows why I opted for stripping the whole frame of its original paint instead of just putting a new layer of primer + paint on it.
This is by far the longest running project I ever did - 5 years (!!!) which is ridiculous considering how long it would take me nowadays to finish something similar. It was a good learning experience though, especially to figure out how to not do things...

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