Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coil Winder Contraption

I needed a quick way to wind some coils for my motorcycle
Why, you might ask? Well, because I was tired of having a 6V system with all its downsides. Fortunately motelek.net has a wealth of information on how to upgrade my old Bosch ignition-and-power-system (there has got to be a better word for this, I am sure of it) to 12V, which has a lot of benefits (proper light in the front, I can use LEDs for tail- and brakelight etc).
But, this means I had to rewind two coils. Since I am somewhat lazy I threw together this machine with parts that I had lying around. It is powered by a sewing machine motor, which I had to significantly gear down, since it tops out at 6000rpm - waaaay too fast. I used some MDF discs that I had kept for ages in a cardboard box, various rubber bands and threads, and some rubbish MDF pieces.
It is important to keep count of your windings, so I rigged an Arduino to the system: every revolution a switch is momentarily closed, the Arduino registers this impulse, increases a counter by 1, and sends the counter value to the serial monitor. Easy peasy!
Now it is a piece of cake to make the necessary 505 respectively 180 windings.