Friday, February 29, 2008

Hercules BW 125

My German Army motorcycle, a Hercules BW 125 V1 from 1971. I restored the engine, de-rusted the frame and all metal parts (and there is next to no plastic on this thing!) and gave the bike a new paintjob (using the authentic shade of olive).
I coated the tank on the inside with "Kreem White" to prevent it from rusting. Having rust particles in your carburetor simply sucks ass.
Of course, with a bike this old there were so many things that had to be done that I simply cannot list here.
It is a fun bike that turns heads wherever I take it - you gotta love the oldschool fork and overall "dirty little bastard" style of it. Oh, and it has a nice, loud, screaming two-stroke sound. There are different opinions about the reliability of this bike - but it has never let me down in a serious way. I wouldn't go for a ride without tools and a spare plug, of course.

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