Friday, February 29, 2008

Roland TR 707 - Circuit bent

Tr 707 with external patchbay and individual 555-based oscillators that allow for tuning of the voices.
I do not own this machine anymore, some lucky guy bought it on Evilbay. Yes, I do sell stuff there.

Inside the TR 707. The new PCB that holds the 555s and the pots are visible.

External inputs for Hihats and Ride. They work like an audio gate- when you insert a plug the Hihats / Ride is silenced and the external signal passes throught the corresponding VCA. Gatelength can be set with the pots below the instrument buttons - great for chopping pads.

The banana plug patchbay, connected with a standard 25 pin sub-D connector. There is a 5x5 matrix for circuitbending mayhem. The 5x2 row at the bottom is connected to the switches - so your favourite connection can be switched on and off with the flick of a switch. Easy, fun and convenient. Oh, of course the plugs are stackable, for even more possibilities.
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Anonymous said...

How do you build a patch bay?