Sunday, February 7, 2010

STOMPIT - Dual FX Pedal Level Converter

Any seasoned Synthetisist knows that the voltage levels in your modular synths are much higher than the ones you'd feed into stompboxes. So, if you patch your VCO straight into, for example, your Boss FX pedal, you will get some nasty overdriving and clipping. Mind you, this distortion actually might be nice, but not desired at all times.
My good pal Waktu Loopa asked me if I'd be able to help him getting his levels right. My solution is the device pictured below: a dual FX pedal level converter. It's made to fit in his Doepfer A-100 modular system and should work nicely with his collection of stompboxes from Orion Effekte. (I tested it with the Benjamuff PI featured in my previous post.)
I designed the PCB and the frontpanel myself whilst the circuit is inspired by the invaluable genius that is Ken Stone.
The keen eye might wonder why there are some odd componends on the circuit board, most notably the HUGE 2W resistors. Easy: I am a sexy Recyclotron and so I used what I had on hand. That sometimes means that I pull components from junk electronics (always remember: recycle or die)
Because I am such a nice guy I wrote him a manual as well (he's stupid and I had a lazy sunday evening to waste). Now all that is left is to do is to actually send him the thing. As much as I hate to part with the module -I am sure it'll be in good hands.