Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I built this thing called "SDR device" for the Commodore 64. With this you can load and save patches made with MSSIAH without having to use Floppy disks. The device was conceived by firestARTer, and he was nice enough to send me a pre-programmed MCU for it (which speedily arrived from Rotterdam). You will find all the information to build your own SDR device on his website.
The case is from an ancient Hewlett Packard Laserprinter accessory, which connects with a DB9-connector to the C64. There is a LCD display, an encoder with pushbutton, and a extra button.
The data gets saved on a MicroSD-card with a capacity of (wait for it...) 128 megabytes of memory.
It´s kind of funny: this is so much memory from the C64s point of view, yet such a tiny amount by todays standards.
The C64 also has a 6,3mm jack for audio out, and a cinch connector for video out (so much easier on the eyes than using the antenna output).
The SDR device works remarkably well - and on a sidenote: MSSIAH is the only program so far that uses this storage medium.