Monday, June 21, 2010

x0xb0x, again

So here it is, my second x0xb0x. This one has been finished for ages, but only today it occured to me that pictures would be nice.
It is completely self sourced, which means that I did not buy a kit but aquired all parts separately. Likewise there is no official Adafruit serial number.

The frontpanel was made by Schaeffer Apparatebau in Berlin - this one has far too many modifications for the "stock" panel. The legend was made with Lazertran.

The mods are:
PWM for the square wave
Accent Sweep Speed selectable between fast, normal and slow
Accent Decay control
Filter Overdrive with "color" knob
Bass Boost, Resonance Boost (with separate pushbutton switch and LED indicator)
"Eternal Bliss" - this is a combined Gate On Forever / Envelope On Forever to get those liquid acid lines
Filter Modulation with selectable source (square, saw, VCA) and two modes (buffered / unbuffered)
Envelope Retrigger button
VCO out / Filter in on TRS socket
orange / amber 3mm LEDs
Sokk0s 1.9 operating system

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